EMFIT Safebed

Emfit SafeBed New Generation Bed-Monitoring System


SafeBed is a new state-of-the-art bed monitoring system for fall and wandering prevention. SafeBed is specifically designed for persons who are unable to summon help unassisted, such as those suffering from dementia.



SafeBed consists of:


  • A control unit (D-1070) and one of two sensors:
  • Floor sensor enables an early warning for fall prevention, for example, when you have a person that not should walk without assistance.
  • Bed sensor is employed to monitor night time bed-exit with delay, allowing normal person movement such as, for example, bathroom visits.


Control units also have an audible alarm with adjustable volume and relay output for connection to nurse call or pager or sounder systems.


SafeBed Uses Unique Sensor Technology


SafeBed uses Emfit's patented, thin-film ferro-electret sensors. As Emfit floor and bed sensors have no embedded wires or switches to fail, the sensors are rugged and last for years. Thin sensors are extremely sensitive and do not have any weight limits, which makes them suitable for everyone.


Early Alarm for Fall Prevention


SafeBed with floor sensor alarms even before the person gets up from the bed. Compared to other bed sensor systems, this saves many critical seconds allowing the nurse to better prevent accidental falls. The floor sensor is placed next to the bed and SafeBed alarms immediately upon detecting the first touch of feet. The extremely thin and removable Emfit floor sensor L-6090 is easy to clean with normal household detergents. Model L-60150 is even thinner allowing for permanent, concealable under-flooring installation.


Bed-Exit Alarm Monitors Nighttime SafeBed operates as a bed-exit alarm when the under-mattress mounted Emfit bed sensor is connected. SafeBed monitors the presence or absence of a person by detecting heartbeat, respiration, and movement on the bed. When the bed sensor detects the person has left the bed, SafeBed alarms if the person does not return to the bed within a preset time. The delay is adjustable from 3 seconds to 30 minutes. This unique delay feature gives fast notification of bed-exit while enabling nurses to allow for a person's normal movements required by going to the bathroom or having a snack for example.

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